Tenant Eviction Lawyers Serving Southern California

California landlord-tenant law is a complex subject, so when you find yourself in need of advocacy and representation, you want to retain a legal team that has a track record of successfully navigating the legal process, courts, and paperwork that it takes to win your case.

Duringer Law Group is that legal team. We have proudly been serving property managers and owners in the greater Southern California area — including Los Angeles and San Diego — for over 30 years.

Eviction Lawyers With The Knowledge To Help You Win

Our seasoned group of eviction lawyers and legal support staff have been around to witness all of the changes to California landlord-tenant law that have taken place over the last three decades. These changes have ultimately made California one of the most tenant-friendly states in the Union. What does that mean for California landlords and property owners? You have to be more thorough and effective than ever before when it comes to properly, and legally, evicting your non-covenant performing tenants.

With the eviction lawyers at During Law Group on your side, you can rely on having an experienced guide that will make sure all of your arguments are valid, your documentation is in order, and that court filings are made as rapidly as possible in order to secure the fastest possible resolution for your case.

Our Tenant Eviction Process

All notices and litigation documents are prepared immediately and either directly e-filed with the courts or are given to our eviction attorney services and process servers the very same day. Cases are typically filed and served within 24-hours of initiation.

A typical uncontested eviction case is handled in 16 to 18 days from the filing of the unlawful detainer action to lockout by the Sheriff. Contested matters generally take 28 to 35 days, through the lockout. Times and processes vary by county and court. Some are quicker, some (i.e. Los Angeles and San Diego) are not. You get positive results fast when you choose to retain the services of California’s best eviction lawyers.  Contact Duringer Law Group today.

Stop Losing Money and Call Duringer Law Today

There’s no reason to continue to be held captive by non-performing tenants. As a property owner or manager, you have rights, too. The eviction lawyers at Duringer Law Group can help you assert them in a way that is effective, professional, and fast.

So, stop losing out on the money that you are owed, and take charge of your property by calling the eviction lawyers at Duringer Law Group today — because waiting will only continue to cost you money you could be making with rent paying tenants. Schedule your free consultation today by calling one of our local offices or by filling out our online form.