Effective Asset Protection Planning

At Duringer Law Group, we provide asset protection planning to insulate your property investments and other assets from claims against them by creditors. After all, you’ve worked diligently — and hard — to create a financial support system for you and your family. At Duringer Law, we can help you to begin protecting assets while times are good, so that you won’t find yourself struggling to hold on to your assets if and when times get bad.

The Right Asset Protection Plans For You

Asset protection planning is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Depending on the types of assets you are invested in, you’ll require a different approach. For example, not all regularly deployed asset protection plans coordinate effectively with commonly deployed tax and estate plans. At Duringer Law, we can provide the guidance and explanations for which systems and options that make the most sense for you based on asset types, your short and long term goals, and new or uncommonly encountered legislation.

With over 30 years of helping investors and business owners just like you, we become southern California’s trusted asset protection planning and law team. We can create an effective asset protection plan for you while also protecting you from making the crucial mistakes of concealment of assets, contempt, fraudulent transfers, tax evasion, or bankruptcy fraud — all pitfalls that do-it-yourself protection planners plummet into regularly.

When Should I Start Planning to Protect My Assets?

Protection planning should start as you decide that bankruptcy is no longer going to be an option for you. Starting early means staying ahead and building a strong shield for your future. Get in touch with a member of our team today to schedule a free consultation to discuss how Duringer Law Group can help protect your valuable and hard-earned assets. We also encourage you to download our Asset Preservation Strategies .pdf below.