Successful Evictions

Every day a tenant remains in default and in your apartment, you lose money. With average apartment rents over $1,200 per month, you are losing $40.00 each and every day that the non-performing tenant remains in your unit.

No one gets faster results than the Duringer Law Group, no one. Our Fast Track Eviction process allows you to initiate an eviction in minutes over the telephone, generally with no office visit necessary.

All notices and litigation documents are prepared immediately and either directly e-filed with the courts or are given to our attorney services and process servers the very same day. Cases are typically filed and served within twenty-four hours of initiation.

A typical uncontested eviction case is handled in 16 to 18 days, from the filing of the unlawful detainer action to lockout by the Sheriff. Contested matters generally take 28 to 35 days, through lockout. Times and processes vary by county and court, some are quicker, some (i.e. Los Angeles and San Diego) are not. You get positive results, fast.

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